Go Green

Go Green

At NWDCo, we believe in giving back to the Environment.

Our technologies and solutions are centered to protect the environment. If not directly, NWDCo makes it a point to provide its clients with solutions which help them reduce their carbon footprint. In a Win-Win Situation, NWDCo develops solutions to collaborate work across locations reducing the need to travel, thereby saving the company its time & money, apart from protecting the environment.

Besides, our Storage Solution Sauver nS3, is a Go Green hub, as it functions as a server, however requires minimal space, minimal electricity and makes optimal utilization of the existing hardware. nS3 is made in a way to work with the most simple of the hardware, reducing the overload of purchasing and maintaining a server and a specific server environment.

Besides, at NWDCo, we are always looking forward to some innovative ideas to try and include 'Go Green' in all our initiatives.

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